Original Organic Spray Tan (8-10hrs)

We only use solutions that are oil-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free sunless solution, hypo-allergenic and mild enough for even the most sensitive skin, infused with vitamins, and of the highest quality, premium grade ECO-Certified DHA. DHA is the ingredient derived from natural sugarcane that is in spray tan solutions that naturally turns you brown. Our solutions are great for ALL skin types.

Full Body                   40

Legs Only                  25

Face Neck Arms        25

Face Neck                  15


Express Organic City Tan (rinse 1-4hrs)

In a hurry and don't want to wait? With our City Tan Super Express Tan, you can rinse in as little as an hour for a light tan, 2-3 hours for medium color, and 3-4 hours for maximum darkness (rinse with water only, tan will continue to develop up to 24 hours after rinse)


Full Body                 50


Tanning Packages:

3 Full Body Tans:    108  (save 10%)

5 Full Body Tans:    170  (save 15%)

10 Full Body Tans:  300  (save 25%)



parties of 5 or more, get 20 % off 

parties of 10 or more get 25 % off and bride is free

bridal consultation is 50% off at time of consultation with a booked bridal spray tan appointment.


Host an Organic Tanning Party! 

Host a great night of organic tanning and you will receive your full body service for free (5 or more)


Botanical Make-up Application:

For all our brides, bridal parties, and special events, we can come to your house for a pure and beautiful skin prep & make-up application. We use only 100% vegan certified, botanically based make-up and skin care products. All our products are gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic, no mineral oils, parabens, chemicals, dyes or fragrances and is anti-aging, hydrating & hypoallergenic! 

Lunch Date              40

Special Event           50

Bridal                       95 (with consultation)

Add Lashes              20